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When we say we use every tool at our disposal to generate leads, we mean it. And our message to healthcare providers? Don’t pooh-pooh print until you’ve tried it.

Old school dead-tree advertising isn’t going to get new gen-z clients through the doors in droves. But among a niche healthcare demographic, the medium remains as valid and relevant as ever.

The trick is knowing which use-cases are effective, before putting together some on-point messaging to reach target personas.

For a segment of healthcare services and products aimed at more mature audiences, it’s an approach that’s worked for our clients time and time again.

Campaign Planning

We research, contact and negotiate with local news titles to ensure maximum coverage at the best possible rate.

Ad Design

Our in-house designers and copywriters put together eye-catching ads and advertorial to spread the word about your offer.

Campaign Monitoring

We’ll stay in touch with you throughout to make sure the campaign exceeds expectations in planning, design and execution.

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