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Leads are for Life

We’re confident about our ability to drive visitors, generate leads and boost profiles. How confident are you about coping with increased call volume? Or the capacity of front line staff to capture, convert, and create lifelong clients?

The Fresh Consultancy supports businesses and leaders in preparing for life after marketing, with brand new workflows and strategies that integrate seamlessly with existing systems.

And when those existing systems aren’t up to the job, we can improve, streamline and redesign to take businesses where they need to be.

Online & Offline Analytics

Imagine having tools as powerful as Google Analytics for everything your business does. We apply the same forensic eye to offline processes as we do to campaign reporting. So whether it’s sales call conversions or website bounce rates, we can always find a way to improve.

Customer Experience & Journey Design

So much business is now transacted online. But for healthcare organisations, the stuff that really counts can only take place in the real world. That’s why it’s crucial to provide customers with a logical, congruent experience both offline and on. We design fluid customer journeys to achieve this and turn leads into lifelong customers.


In our experience, healthcare leaders generally know where they want to go. What’s often less clear is how to share the vision with the ranks and create an environment that makes it easy for others to take them there. We train frontline staff to own new ways of working and become organisations’ best assets when it comes to sales and lead management.

Phone Call Optimisation

A call to your clinic is usually your patients’ first impression and getting it right can unlock stunning growth. We provide analysis, training and optimisation to boost conversion rates and turn every caller into a lifelong brand advocate.

Resource Management

Time, people, money, materials…the list of competing demands on healthcare providers is infinite. So how do we manage available resources efficiently, effectively and economically without ever dropping the ball? We help businesses design and implement transformative strategies for intelligent resource management.

Financial & Cashflow

Cashflow is the lifeblood of business, but increased sales volume doesn’t always equate to better circulation. Poor cash flow can leave organisations feeling starved of oxygen, gasping for breath and unable to act. We show businesses how to achieve income and expenditure harmony, free up cash and stay nimble enough to achieve goals.

Talent Acquisition

People are your best asset, so it pays to surround yourself with the best. We’ve cast a pretty wide net over close to a decade in healthcare consultancy. So, we can help you do just that with both long-term and project-specific appointments from surgery to board level.

Leadership Development

The Fresh director Prav Solanki works with entrepreneurs, decision makers and organisational leaders to define and achieve personal and business goals. His unique approach maintains an eye on work-life balance. In combination with marketing and consultancy services from The Fresh, Prav’s coaching represents a fully integrated programme for personal and brand growth.

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