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All Wheat. No Chafe

Imagine an ad campaign applied with such laser-sharp focus that you could literally target potential clients in the same street as your clinic. We must be talking about billboards, right?


There’s no big secret to how we’ve perfected the science of high-conversion Facebook, Google and Bing campaigns. It’s all about taking a deep dive into demographic and geographical data to make sure we’re not just generating leads but generating the right kind of leads.

This data-driven approach to visitor and lead generation means The Fresh clients don’t waste a single penny on needless clicks. Yet another win for ROI.

Google Ads

We deliver high-performing visibility campaigns across all the major Google platforms including Search, Display and Ads.


Don’t let them get away. Squeeze every last drop out of internet traffic with remarketing campaigns targeting previous site visitors.

Non-Google Ads

Believe it or not, there’s life outside Google. In fact, there’s a whole world waiting on search engines like Yahoo and Bing. If only you had the patience.

Review, Audit & Calibration

Hitting targets is great. But smashing them to pieces is even better. Instead of setting and forgetting, we run constant auditing, side-by-side testing and tweaks to improve CPL.

Display Ads

We use Google’s Contextual Display Network to deliver your message to where it matters most – right into the digital lap of your target audience.

Social Ads

For targeted advertising, Facebook is a marketer’s dream come true. And let’s not forget Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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