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Video is Awesome

Amazing isn’t it: We live in a high-tech, hyper-connected age in which the launch of a viral video is just a couple of clicks away. And yet so many organisations still aren’t harnessing the full marketing power of video.

If you haven’t yet been convinced by the business case, we’re here to change your mind. In fact, there couldn’t be a more perfect arena than healthcare to showcase via the moving picture.

Forget for a moment about the fact that video searches now account for a vast proportion of all online searches and can significantly improve page rank.

Video is one of the most effective ways to cut through relentless social feeds and show off your products, services and successes. Video instantly establishes levels of trust it would otherwise take years in practice to generate.

We could go on. But we’ll let our video team do the talking.

Our Showreel

Peppa Pig & Marketing
Prav teaches marketing strategy with help from best friend Peppa Pig.
Sex & Marketing
Prav explores the parallels between marketing and the birds and bees. (Rated PG).
Shaun's Story
This short film for Changing Faces tells the story of Shaun’s life-changing dental implant journey.
Ellie's Story
Another heartwarming tale for Changing Faces: Ellie tells how dental implants helped her rediscover confidence.
Welcome to Woodborough
A one minute film capturing the essence of specialist-led practice Woodborough House.
Kiss Composite Courses
A short infomercial about Kiss Dental’s composite course from Khushal Morar and Kailesh Solanki.

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